Service & Sales, Inc. (SSI)

How to access Service & Sales, Inc. Nadcap scope and expiration date

ervice & Sales, Inc.'s
Nadcap Accreditation Certificate expiration date can
be verified at AuditNet Online QML
(Qualified Manufacturer Listing) website:
                                 reflects the real-time Accreditation Status & Scope for Nadcap Accredited Suppliers

     If you do not have
eAuditNet access
               -- Go to
               -- Click the 'Register Now' button (registration is free)
               -- Log in with your temporary access that is emailed to you
               -- Follow the steps below

     If you have eAuditNet access already:
               -- Log in to
               -- Under Resources, Choose Online QML
               -- Search for Service & Sales, Inc. to verify Service & Sales, Inc.'s Nadcap accreditation
               -- Click on Service & Sales, Inc. name for complete details of expiration dates, scope, etc.

see the detailed example instructions below


How to access Service & Sales, Inc. Nadcap scope and expiration date

In order to find the expiration date you will need to use the Online QML located on eAuditNet,
To get to the Online QML you will need to log into eAuditNet, 
If you are not a registered user you can click the 'Register Now' button to gain access for free. 


Log in 

Once you have registered and logged into the system you will see in the upper left Resources, under the word eAuditNet.
By clicking on Resources you will see Online QML



You can then 
  Search   by our company name:    Service & Sales, Inc. 

  QML Search 

Once the results appear on the search results screen you can click 
the  Print Details  button.

This will give you a print friendly version that shows our Company Name, Address, Phone / Fax Number, as well as each commodity
Service & Sales, Inc. is accredited to, the expiration date and the scopes for which we are accredited. 

 QML Search Results CH    

if you have questions, or problems accessing information, please contact the eAuditNet Support Team at:
    +1 724-772-8679

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