Examples of SSI's Manufacturing Equipment
"CNC" Computer Numerical Controlled" and "NC" Numerical Controlled

Showing examples of some of the modern equipment used by Service & Sales, Inc.

SSI has modern 'HAAS' CNC Milling machines
example of one of SSI's "CNC" Machining Centers (CNC Milling Machine
HAAS is a registered trademark of Haas Automation, Inc.

SSI uses the latest 'Hitachi Seiki' CNC Lathes  
example of one of SSI's "CNC" Machine Lathes
Hitachi Seiki is a registered trademark of  Hitachi Seiki USA

example of SSI's Laser Cutting Machine
SSI's CO2 Laser Cutting Machine
Mitsubishi is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Corporation

example of SSI's NC Tube Bending Machines
example of one of SSI's "NC" Tube Bending Machines
HMT is a registered trademark of Horn Machine Tools

Service & Sales, Inc.
1853 E 3rd Street
Tempe, AZ 85281

Ph: (480) 968-9084
Fx: (480) 966-6980

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